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Make your home more attractive

We thought it would be interesting to propose you suggestions for optimizing the attractiveness of your home.

If combined, the recommendations below can have a very positive impact on your fill rate on the various platforms, as well as on your income.

Indeed, the more attractive your property, the higher the rental price will be.

Do you need a hand to create your ad, make it attractive and manage your property?

You can call on our concierge service.

Take care of the decoration

Decorating your accommodation is one of the easiest ways to attract new travelers.

Once the time has come to choose an accommodation on Airbnb, the traveler will tend to be seduced by the one with the most elaborate decoration.

It doesn't matter if you are more modern or warmer, the important thing is that you put originality in it and a little bit of yourself too.

The traveler will feel it and will be attracted to your accommodation.

So think, for example, of putting paintings or photos on the wall, of arranging nice objects, of choosing complementary colors or pleasant materials. Also consider good lighting.

Modern supplies and accessories

When equipping a home intended for short-term rental, first and foremost favor modern and functional supplies and accessories.

Indeed, ads with a modern vibe are generally more popular than others. It is still necessary that this atmosphere be arranged with the greatest care.

Statistics have revealed that travelers tend to turn to accommodations like this for their vacations, for their upscale feel. He must feel like at a hotel with a rental where nothing is missing.

Our #conciergeriedeluxe service accompanies you in this step. When you decide to entrust us with your accommodation, we send you a list of what you need to start your rentals.


Comfort is very important. It will be highlighted through the comments of travelers and will be a criterion that will encourage booking.

The customer must have all the necessary comfort that he is not necessarily lucky enough to have at home on a daily basis.

Remember to invest in comfortable furniture (sofa, chairs, etc.) and above all in very good bedding.

Let it breathe

To make the interior of your home attractive and pleasant, it is important not to overfill the space, and to let it breathe well.

Optimize the way you arrange your furniture to find the right balance between functionality and space occupancy.

To simplify, do not try to fill every square meter at all costs, your results will only be better and the stay of your visitors will only be better. The decoration must be attractive but also leave room for the traveler to project themselves...a bit like when you want to sell a property.

Personal touches

Finally, remember that you are not a hotel. You can bring personal touches to your property to make your travelers' stay enjoyable. This is also at the start the concept of #airbnb, it is really to receive travelers in your universe.

It will also prevent you from falling into banal ads, which no one looks at anymore.

Do not hesitate to dare the incongruous in the decoration, the layout or even the supplies. Well incorporated into a functional set, originality can be an extremely effective demarcation factor!

In order to allow their ads to stand out among the crowd of Airbnb ads, the concierge service of the #boxaprojects does not hesitate to support its owner clients in the development of their property(ies).


Merci de votre lecture et à très bientôt ! Marie

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