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We tell you everything about the declaration of your rental at the town hall

The decree of April 28, 2017 n° 2017-678 known as the “Airbnb decree” was published in the Official Journal on April 30. It is the concrete application of certain provisions of the law for a digital Republic of October 7, 2016, which itself complements the complex Airbnb legislation. From now on, some municipalities will be able to ask the renters to obtain a registration number when they declare to the town hall to rent on Airbnb. All the information to find out here.

Why do you have to declare your seasonal rental activity to the town hall?

The decree aims above all to give municipalities more concrete and effective means to verify that the limit of 120 rental days is respected. As a reminder, this limit of 120 days (i.e. approximately 4 months) only applies to main residences.

Registration of your Airbnb accommodation at the town hall: is it mandatory?

It is now mandatory to register your accommodation rented as short-term rentals at the town hall (except under the mobility lease) for all short-term rentals. At the end of the declaration, a registration number is issued: without this number, the rental advertisement cannot be put online. No panic, the process is done in 2 clicks!

Airbnb town hall registration: how to do it?

Renters must complete an online form on the website of their town hall. For Arles, the declaration is made via this link.

For other cities: get closer to your town hall!

What information is requested when registering Airbnb at the town hall?

According to the Airbnb decree, this form may include different information such as personal data or the characteristics of the accommodation.

Most of the time, you will be asked:

  • If the furnished apartment is a main residence or a secondary residence

  • Your contact details

  • Provisional rental periods

  • The address of the accommodation

  • A description of the accommodation: number of rooms, number of beds, date of classification decision if relevant

Remember that any change in the information given must be reported to the town hall.

The need to include the registration number on the ad

Following this declaration at the town hall, you will obtain a 13-character registration number.

This unique number, provided to rental companies, must appear on your ad.

Please note: it is now mandatory to mention the registration number obtained during the declaration at the town hall on your rental ad! If you forget, the announcement may be suspended.

La boîte à projets concierge helps you with these administrative procedures. This is an integral part of our management offer. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



Thank you for reading and see you very soon! Marie

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