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Why "la boîte à projets" and not another Conciergerie?

This is a question that many owners ask themselves. What additional services... what little extras do you offer?

We tell you everything in this post :)

Our values

The first point is not least it is our philosophy, our values. We are a local company and make it a point of honor to set up authentic services and benefits.

We do not just install a key box, we welcome travelers in person to show them around the house and accompany them in each step of their journey.

The second point is our attention to detail:

We provide artisanal soaps made in Arles. They are ecological and respectful of the skin of our holidaymakers.

To extend the experience, we also offer a bottle of local rosé wine and a bag of Camargue rice.

As you will have understood, we attach great importance to the welcome and the customer experience.

Our services

Travelers who book one of our houses can have access to home services and unusual activities.

Our knowledge of the territory allows us to set up partnerships with local service providers to offer real experiences that meet the expectations of travelers.

There are plenty of concierge services... but they all have the same message. A speech of profitability based on figures, filling rates. So of course it's important, but hasn't the time come to do more, to do better? To extend the customer experience further?

This is what we implement on a daily basis.

Contact us to find out about all of our services!



Thank you for reading and see you very soon! Marie

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